Fortress: (Tom Buckingham Thriller 2)

Tom Buckingham has blood on his hands. Neck deep in trouble for taking down a renegade Afghan soldier, heís sent back home; angry, betrayed and out of work.

But with riots and rebellion spreading like wild fire on the streets of Britain, Tomís unique skills are soon noticed by a charismatic billionaire with a questionable agenda.

Buckingham finds himself thrown back into the covert world of intelligence where a play for power is underway. Heíll have to decide where his loyalties lie if heís to intervene in a series of events that will threaten the whole nation.

Time is running out and lives are at stake; is there anyone Tom Buckingham can trust?

What the critics say

This is exciting and original stuff. McNab sure knows how to spin a tale, and this is one of his best

The Sun

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Fortress: (Tom Buckingham Thriller 2)

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